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State Certification Tests

T-MAST participants are required to pass three state certification tests to become certified.

Subject Area Examination

These are exams for degreed academic and some vocational subject areas. These exams measure content area knowledge, usually in a multiple-choice format. Candidates applying for a Professional Certificate and those adding a subject area to a Professional Certificate must pass a subject area exam in the field(s) in which they seek certification. T-MAST students are required to pass either the middle grades science exam or the middle grades mathematics exam.

Subject area exams are usually administered in the morning.

General Knowledge Test

Prior to July 1, 2002, the required basic skills test for teacher certification was the CLAST. Beginning July 1, 2002, the required basic skills test for teacher certification is the General Knowledge Test for which you can register using the application in the registration bulletin. The General Knowledge Test is a basic skills achievement test containing four subtests: Mathematics (multiple-choice, items), Reading (multiple-choice passage-based items), English Language Skills (multiple-choice items), and an Essay.

The General Knowledge Test is administered in the morning.

The General Knowledge test cannot be taken on the same day as a subject area test but can be taken on the same day as the Professional Education test.

Professional Education Test

This multiple-choice test assesses general knowledge of pedagogy and professional practices and consists of approximately 120 items.
A revised, updated version of the Professional Education Test was administered for the first time in July 2003.
The revised Competencies and Skills, Eighth Edition may be accessed online.
The Professional Education Test is usually administered in the afternoon.

T-MAST candidates must pass the subject area examination in order to become eligible for fellowship consideration.

For additional information on state testing, including upcoming testing dates and to sign up, go to the Florida Department of Education teacher certification examinations (FTCE) site: www.firn.edu/doe/sas/ftcehome.htm