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Program of Study

At the Lockheed Martin/UCF Academy, leadership is an essential part of our teacher education. The scholars become a source of professional development for teachers in their respective schools because their leadership styles and self-esteem have been developed and enhanced through this program.

6 Semester Program: 36 credit hours

Current Catalog

Summer 1 (even years)
MAE 6899 Seminar in Teaching Mathematics
ISC 6146 Environmental Education for Educators*

Fall 1 (even years)
IDS 6937 Teaching Mathematics and Science Using Reform-based Practices
MAE 6318 Current Methods in Elementary School Mathematics**

Spring 1 (odd years)
EDF 6472 Data-driven Decision Making for Instruction
MAE 6641 Problem Solving and Critical Thinking Skills**

Summer 2 (odd years*)
EEX 6342 Seminar -Critical Issues in Special Education
SCE 5836 Space and Physical Science for Educators*

Fall 2 (odd years)
IDS 6939 Reforming Curriculum in Mathematics and Science Education
IDS 6910 Research in Mathematics and Science Education*

Spring 2 (even years)
EDG 6329 Quality Teaching Practices*
IDS 6516 Leadership Development for Mathematics and Science Teachers
ISC 6146 Environmental Education for Educators***
SCE 5836 Space and Physical Science for Educators*


*These courses are replaced with thesis credits for students who choose to pursue the thesis option
**This course always 1st Spring
***This course always 2nd Spring