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T-MAST Scholars will be provided with extensive, multi-layered mentoring while participating in the paid-internship. Moreover, mentoring will be extended to the first year after graduation. Each T-MAST Scholar will be assigned a carefully chosen, accomplished teacher to serve as a mentor at their school. The mentors will hold a certificate for the 6-12 mathematics or science education and will advise the T-MAST Scholars on classroom strategies, paperwork, lesson plans, and interactions with administration and parents.

Mentors will conduct formal observations and model lessons that reflect effective instructional techniques. In addition, they will arrange for T-MAST Scholars to observe other accomplished teachers in their content area.

The T-MAST scholars will also have a university based mentor. The university based mentor will meet with the T-MAST scholars at their schools and at the University of Central Florida. University based mentors will observe lessons, give feedback, and support the T-MAST scholars in various ways. The mentoring is multi-layered and extends into the first year after graduation. In order to participate in the paid-internship, T-MAST students must meet all Orange County Public Schools hiring criteria.