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Thursday, April 17, 2014

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GKT General Knowledge Test


The FTCE GKT is a test of basic skills and consists of four subtests.
Click HERE for the Test Information Guide provided by the
Click HERE for the Test Information Guide provided by the Florida Department of Education.

English Language Skills (40 minutes)

This section of the test will involve conceptual and organizational skills, word choice, sentence structure, grammar, spelling, capitalization, and punctuation.

Reading (40 minutes)

 The reading segment will test your literal and inferential comprehension. Simply put, it tests your understanding of the words used in the questions, as well as your ability to draw a larger picture understanding of the text.  Practicing can be done by reading books, newspapers, and various other forms of articles, and of course study aid materials.

Mathematics (100 minutes)

Although it isn't calculus, basic mathematics is always a bit of a challenge for most people.  Successful test-takers report that it is important to identify the "types" of problems when preparing for and taking the test.  The five (5) types of problems you can expect to encounter are:
(1) number sense; concepts & operations,
(2) measurement, including weight, volume & distance,
(3) geometry, and spatial sense,
(4) algebra, when simple arithmetic isn’t enough, and
(5) probability, statistics & data analysis.

Essay (50 minutes)

In this section, exam graders will look for the following critical elements in your writing:

  • purpose,
  • statement of main idea,
  • organization of ideas and details,
  • providing of supporting material,
  • use of transitions,
  • command of language,
  • avoidance of clichés and slang,
  • variety of sentence patterns,
  • consistent point of view, and
  • conventions of standard American English.

Although the amount of desired elements appears overwhelming, with adequate preparation and practice essays, these should start to become second nature in your writing.

To find out the number of questions and time allotted, consult this chart on the FLDOE Postsecondary testing website.

To find out approximately what percentage of test items you need to answer correctly to pass any test or subtest, consult this chart on the Department of Education’s Postsecondary testing website.

About the CLAST: Pre-2002
NOTE:  An examinee who took and passed all or part of the College Level Academic Skills Test (CLAST) in Florida before July 1, 2002, may use the parts passed on the CLAST toward certification. For any parts not passed by that date, corresponding subtests of the GKT are required.