Suzanne M. Martin, Ph.D.

Suzanne M. Martin, Ph.D.
Department of Child, Family, and Community Sciences

Phone: 407-823-4260


Office: ED 122 T


Suzanne M. Martin, Ph.D. is a professor of Exceptional Education in the Child, Family and Community Sciences Department, College of Education at the University of Central Florida. From 2000-20006, she served as the Assistant Dean of Education for the College. Prior to joining the College of Education, Dr. Martin served as a department chairperson and faculty member at other institutes of higher education. Dr. Martin has a long history of leadership activities in higher education as well as educational organizations. In her career, Dr. Martin has taught elementary school students, junior high school students with special needs, community college students preparing to be paraprofessional in special education classroom, undergraduate students and graduate students. She has served as a President of the International Council of Exceptional Children and as a Program specialist/ Branch chief at the U.S. Department of Education, Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services. She has been awarded grants from the U. S. Department of Education that have allowed her to pursue her work in teacher education and leadership training. She is the recipient of many awards and the author of numerous articles on teaching and leadership as well as a book on women in leadership.

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Leadership, Behavior, Policy

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